Min Food - 皿富器食


Design :蕭群艦



Area:150 m2 

Project Year:2018/05~2018/09

Photographs:Weimax Studio





“Min Food” named after a Chinese idiom “genuine”, and the meaning of this idiom means that the fame or name matches its true self.

Our owner expects to fulfill the utensils with delicious and hearty food, to meet the expectation of customers coming over for meals.

The essence of space is presented with plain materials. In the appearance, the solid wood window frame express warmth and handy feeling. White color brings the most comfortable atmosphere among the lanes.

Logo on the entrance floor is embedded with the brass carving as the first impression while entering the space. Stepping into the room, you will see the matte gray floor in the background, the pale pinkish corrugated polycarbonate board and pure white wall brings out its refined taste. The pale marble table and the beech furniture are perfectly pictured a leisure lifestyle.

Nowadays, we wouldn’t bring in anxious feeling of caffeine. We bring out the fresh Japanese style to our customer with healthy and light-tasting Japanese cuisine.

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