The bachelor - 南屯S宅


Design :蕭群艦
Project Year:2017/04~2017/07
Photographs: Hey!Cheese








single men in busy life, he always remind himself to slow down. in the dead of night, man were not calm. he always want to deep relax. working pressure is released at home, he was happy and enjoy. all kinds of electronic audio and video equipment in the cabinet. Please join my party list.

a simple geometrical line, calm and restrained tone, I have eyes only for Italy gary marble.
Hemingway don’t read the sea tonight and looked forward to another kind of not easily compromise taste. The men Never forget why him started and savor in the space.

#design think
break the existing of double masters room, free up the area of ??the living room, open one of the private spaces open to public space and enlarge. keep enough space for storage. so we use cabinets as much as possible differentiate space. We try to combine the low-chroma background and make high-chroma furniture to create the owner’s lifestyle and make high-contrast visual experience.

#Material selection 
The main material uses imitation marble low-formaldehyde system board, part of solid wood, black iron, ruled glass, and simplify the choice of materials, through the diversity of furniture, to maintain more space flexibility, also increased the sense of multi-level.


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