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Design :蕭群艦
Project Year:2018/12- 2019/04
Photographs: Hey!Cheese





This is an old Japanese-style house with two floor and wooden pitched roof. originally is a private house, It has large floor-to-ceiling wooden windows on the balcony on the second floor. In the afternoon, the sunlight can sprinkle into the ground, reflecting on the gray terrazzo floor. For create a Atmosphere like “like at home”, there is almost no change in the partition wall. The purpose is to maintain the layout of the old house, so that consumers can be like a small corner of the home, close to the life in the past.inside space is not large, in order to maintain some penetrating, we embed a few big circle hole on the old wall, space have new connections between each other, shop clerk’s can Juggle between practicality and nice service Process, interior have good visual effects too.



We continue to use the original materials, such as: iron windows for indoor installation, directly removed from the external wall and continue to use. The concept comes from the childhood memories of us and the client, hope to renew the old house while also having new interpretations and perspectives.



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